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This is an innovative solution in the product line making your home closer to the eco style model as its front side decorations include real quartz and oak veneers. Furnished with modern handles and appliances, the suite will make the kitchen a warm center of your home.
Front colors
Natural beauty of oak veneer with real knots, little cracks, and imitated coarse saw traces creates an authentic tactile and visual sensation. Rough surface of quartz slate veneer with diverse and unique texture, different color effects make each kitchen bright and unique. The combination of furniture fronts made of quartz slate and natural oak veneer will fit seamlessly into the space of any modern style.
The collection of the model is supplemented with an actual novelty in the industrial style-fronts made of natural concrete .  Fashionable coating "light concrete" is a specialized material for furniture, manufactured using a special technology that allows you to get a more uniform surface colour. Various small shrinkage shells, cracks and traces of formwork are not defects, but only enhance the stylistic perception of this model. The entire collection of furniture fronts is protected by a special matte laquer that helps prevent abrasion and protects from contamination.