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In October 2019, the results of the ARTLIGA 2019 competition were announced at the awards Ceremony.
The competition presented the best design solutions implemented in models of furniture for the kitchen, cabinet and upholstered furniture, furniture for commercial, public use and residential space, launched in 2019, as well as projects of experimental furniture, characterized by progressive and innovative design
The competition was established in order to identify the best industrial samples of domestic furniture.

The jury of the ARTLIGA-2019 competition includes well-known Russian and foreign experts in the field of industrial design. The experts of the jury selected the best industrial samples of domestic furniture that meet the criteria set in the Competition: aesthetics, functionality, ergonomics and innovation.<br>
 The project of the factory "Driada" - COUTURE model presented at the exhibition Living Kitchen 2019 (Cologne), became the winner of the contest ARTLIGA-2019, Nomination NEXT. Furniture for kitchen.